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After the spread of social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter and chat applications such as WhatsApp and Viber, this led to the appearance of applications to share pictures and short videos, the most popular of which is Snapchat, Instagram and others.

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Bigo Live

Bigo Live app is one of the applications that made ordinary people famous, investigating them with a large number of views, which reached thousands of thousands.

So each person became no less than the well-known movie and singing celebrities we have, and each of them now offers its own content, As its content becomes unique and unique, the number of views becomes more and more.

Bigo Live has come up with a new and distinctive idea, as it allows you to make a live broadcast over the Internet, which makes millions of people around the world see you with the press of a button.

The Bigo Live app is a new program that has proven very successful in the application market and has become one of the most famous at all, as it allows us to identify millions of people around the world and interact with them, through live broadcasts.

It allows you to conduct a live broadcast with sound and image to get Followers from different countries of the world, where the program includes the number of subscribers exceeding 50 million subscribers, and this program is characterized by ease of use, as you only need your smartphone in order to download the program to it and press a button to start your first live broadcast.

The features of the Bigo Live.

the Bigo Live app, are many features, the most important of which is that it is a completely free program, it allows you to make a live broadcast that millions of people follow.

And it also allows you to follow any live broadcast of your favorite star, and even allows you to make a private video and audio call with any of your stars Preferred, in order to get to know him directly and be close to him.

Once you subscribe to the program, you are given 1000 free minutes, to speak locally and globally to any country in the world, and when you invite your friends to the program, your minute’s balance increases and that of Its most important feature is the lack of sophistication and ease of handling.

Which makes it selectable Wrap the users whatever their relationship to technology, they prefer to deal with it than any other program.

How to use the Bigo Live App

way to use the Bigo Live app is very easy. Once the program is downloaded and opened, you will find five icons in front of you. The first icon gifts.

When you make a live broadcast to your friends and followers, you can send gifts to them, by clicking on this icon, the icon The second: the guest list and this icon allows you to add people during the live broadcast that you make.

And who appears to you in the list, where you can follow them and get to know them, the third icon: cut the image, this icon allows you to take a screenshot of the screen.

As for the fourth icon: sharing, it is the icon that allows you when you click on it to share your live broadcasts on various social media and chat applications, such as Facebook and WhatsApp, and others.

The fifth icon: comment, this icon allows you when you click on it to write Comment on the live broadcast that you are watching.

Get Bigo Live Free Beans

Latest updates of the Bigo Live app

In the latest version of the Bigo Live app, a new feature has been added, which is to hide your geographical location, as this feature allows you to freely make your site visible or hidden as you prefer at any time, and it has also been facilitated to find new friends and followers More.

To get to know the largest possible number of people, and to become a star in the best live video broadcasting program for videos, also added the ability to use emojis and new stickers, and add games that you can access directly.

How to register in Bigo Live app

After downloading Bigo Live app, you must register in it, and it entitles you to several options for registration, either by registering with it through Twitter, Facebook, or Google Plus or by using your mobile phone number.

After registration, you will see an interface in front of you with videos that It is currently broadcast, you can see any video in it, and if you want to be always aware of all events.

You can turn on notifications, in order to alert you about everything new, and this program can show you the most suitable videos for you, such as the most viewed, or near From your place.

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